GoodFellas Wine and Spirits

1295 Broadway
Brooklyn, NY 11221

Truly "Goodfellas": Our Roots

Goodfellas Wine and Spirits was built on the premise that a liquor store can be better than your conventional "in and out" venue. One step inside will prove that we are unlike most other fine wine and liquor retailers. Our customers describe it as one of the most beautiful stores they have seen, and we take pride in making our store as inviting and consumer friendly as possible. 

Goodfellas is family owned by lifelong residents of New York City. Truly a homegrown venture, they know the neighborhood and what its residents deserve. With strong backgrounds in store ownership, as well as years of retail experience, our owners have instilled a culture of customer oriented practices. They have pledged to provide each and every customer with a pleasant and enjoyable experience with every visit to Goodfellas Wine and Spirits.